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Meet Shawna Morris

The blank white canvas looms before me.

I approach it in a state of serenity, humility, and openness. I take a breath and as I exhale, I state my prayer and intention for remaining open to my creative Source.

I gravitate toward a color and feel an impulse to arc my arm across the canvas, weaving and circling with the sponge or dipped fingers. I am now in a dance. Responding and interacting to what I see before me, and at the same time to what I feel within.

The head and the heart learning to co-exist; taking turns leading and following. Each trusting and acquiescing to the other's impulses and suggestions in a seamless and balanced choreography.

The impulses subside, and I can feel that it is time to wait. I move away from the canvas and toward my life as a mother, attempting to bring that grace and flow with me as I go. I move in and out of the canvas' field for days and weeks, continuing and building upon this beautiful dance.

Eventually, an image reveals itself to me. This happens while I'm painting, but also while I'm doing other things, such as driving, cooking, or sleeping. This is the pivotal moment that defines "trusting the process" and letting go. I follow the lines and draw out the image that wants to show itself. I do this even if I don't particularly "want" to paint that content. I am committed to this process and to letting go of my judgments and attachments.

As I continue to interact with what is emerging, I use my sense of design, color, and composition to co-create with my inner voice.

At some point, and often quite abruptly, we are done. The painting has been brought to fruition, and I know this because it has a distinct feeling that I experience in my solar plexus. I have no other way to describe this. I just know that the painting is done; I am complete.

I am an intuitive painter.

♥ Shawna

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